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We will help you buy and pay for your order in America or provide an address for independent purchases in a tax-free state. Shipping from USA from $5.99

Шопинг с операторами

Shopping with operators

Let our shopping masters place your orders in US stores.

This method is relevant for all clients who have not yet managed to issue a bank card with a U.S. billing address, or if the store does not send to intermediary addresses, or accepts only American cards.

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15 years on the market - convenient and fast delivery of packages from the USA

Calculate the cost of shipping from the U.S. to your home. We will receive your parcels in the warehouse, if necessary, combine several deliveries into one and send them to you. Securely packaged!

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in an American store, pay and indicate the address of the warehouse

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and appear in your personal account on our website



in a secure packaging, fast and at a bargain price

send them
a few days


in a few days the courier will bring the package to you

If you don't want to figure it out on your own, our shopping operators will be happy to buy all the goods for you.

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Large doesn't mean expensive

With an increase in the weight of the package, the price for every 0.5 kg decreases progressively.

Fast package processing

The package is processed no longer than 48 hours after it arrives at the warehouse.


Track the whole process and pay for delivery using our telegram bot.

Виртуальный тур по нашему складу

Virtual tour of our warehouse

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Over the past year, tens of thousands of our customers have ordered products from the USA and left 22 174 reviews

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Shipping from USA and beyond has been shipping from the U.S. since 2010. During this time, we have grown from a small mail forwarder into a large and reliable company. We only work with trusted postal services and make over ten thousand deliveries from the USA annually. Hundreds of thousands of customers have already received their packages from the USA using!

Our services include:


Buy in U.S. stores using the delivery address you recieved after registering with us. And the reliable delivery of goods from the USA to your home is completely on us.

Purchase assistance

We take care of all the paperwork, communication with sellers and even payments (it's beneficial if the store does not accept your country's bank cards). Just give us a link to a product - and our shopping masters will redeem the goods for you.


American market is the largest in the world. And you can make money from it. It is not always necessary to buy from there, if you can sell there! We store, pack and ship your items to US customers.

Amercian candy

Along with your package, you can additionally choose from a variety of the best American delicacies specially selected by us. Treat yourself or your child!

Your personal US shopping address

With us you get your personal U.S. address for shopping! Our warehouse is located in tax free state of Delaware. Indicate your address at our Delaware warehouse and you'll be shopping in the US without state taxes. With you always get the maximum benefit!

When shipped from the U.S., all packages are insured. Reception of packages at our warehouse, their processing, removal of extra boxes, storage for up to 70 days is completely free of charge. We also combine multiple packages from different stores into one, for free. This is necessary to reduce the cost of shipping packages from the United States to different countries.

Our shipping fees start from just $11.99 per package! And if you have any special requirements, such as checking equipment or labels for the most fragile goods, our warehouse operators will be happy to fulfill them on special request. is a reliable, fast and inexpensive service. I our social networks you will always find information about the best discounts at various American stores. You don't have to wait until Black Friday or Prime Day, great sales and discounts take place every day!

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